Friday, 10 September 2010

What a lucky lady I am!

I must say I have had a very good day today - spoilt rotten! =D
After a busy morning getting all the post and orders made up for work, my hubby treated me to a lovely meal at our local pub - yum yum. 
Then further crafty treats - which is very rare.  After owning my own shop there was quite alot of surplus stock that kind of hung around lol! So I don't get treated to any new crafty stash, but because he is very proud of me starting my blog (aw bless him - love him loads) and getting back into my hobby which lets agree girls is hard when we lead such busy lives.  I got treated to the below kit! It's amazing the amount of stuff that is in it!

My mind is buzzing with excitement every time I open the box and look in it.

I could have taken individual photos of everything to show you but I thought that could possibly not be a good idea.

To top it all off was some lovely stamps (inc. acrylic block)and I'm a sucker for ribbons/lace, etc


The kit is by Carol wilson Fine Arts Inc and it was all for an amazing £18.99 (ribbon bundles were 75p each) a total of over 300 individual items .... so now you understand why I was so excited!

Also ...more I hear you say!  There is only 1 thing that I treat myself to on a regular basis every month is a few crafty mags and seeing as I have been feeling under the weather it was the cherry on the cake today - so here is my bedtime read for tonight!

This has to be my favourite out of the kit and you never know there may be a few cards made up when you next return. The detail in the Pansy's is beautiful.

Thank you for sticking it out to the end of this blog I feel I may have waffled on a bit tonight (sorry) just a very excited little girl typing away.

Hope you all have a great weekend - see you all soon
Love Em x

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Amanda said...

wow, what a fab box full of goodies.. the flowers look lovely...

cant wait to see what else you do