Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Well in celebration of National Cupcake week I have made my favourite cupcakes - not that I need an excuse.  You see another passion of mind is Baking!! 

Raspberry and cream butterfly cupcakes

Who could guess that these simple sponge cakes could turn into something so delicious!

But with the simple addition of the last Raspberries from the garden and we have our final taste of Summer!

Here are some cakes that I have made over the years many for family.  I do have the terrifying job of a wedding cake in November!!

My Cousins - Kate's 21st Birthday - I even recreated her business card to make it more personal to her.

My Aunty Lynn's (the Bacardi queen) 48th Birthday cake - My first attempt at a novelty cake I really enjoyed adding the personal details to the label.

Last years Christmas cake edible glitter it really sparkles a must for anything to do with Christmas

My cousins - Amy's 18th Birthday cake - I loved the quilting effect on this cake.

And last but not least my special little girls 5th birthday cake.  This always makes me smile, as she was so disgusted that I had used one of her Barbies and that she was going to be all covered in cake! (I had wrapped her up in cling film so she was very clean)

I hope you liked my cakes I am still learning and experimenting, but getting more adventurous each time. 

Not doubt we will get some more cupcakes made in this house before the weeks out as little fingers love to join in!  When we do I will be sure to share it all with you.

Hope you all get to eat something yummy and sweet this week.

Now I'm off for some of that 'me' time

Love Em x

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::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

Wowzers Em! Such amazing cakes, you are very talented indeed!
Yay, cupcakes!!