Monday, 31 October 2011


Happy Halloween!

Granted it's not my most favourite time of year (I'm a big scared-y-cat!),  but the little one loves to dress up.

Busy, busy Monday as normal but wanted to do a quick post to wish you all a Happy Halloween.  How do you celebrate?  Because the little one loves to dress up, but is a bit of a wimp like her mum!  We have been going down to my Mum's and my Aunt's for trick or treat for the last 6 years, that way we can guarantee she won't see anything that will keep her up all night.

I am baking some cakes for this evening, I don't normally but the goodies you can get to decorate Halloween cakes is great......

Ooooo! What will they look like?! I will share the pics tomorrow.

We have our trick sorted (normally I'm hopeless to think one up), little one trapped her nail in the toilet door at school about a month ago and now her nail is lifting.  I think it is only hanging on by a thread but she will not let me touch it ~ it is so gross.  So if family want a trick tonight they can have 'The Curse of the Black Fingernail'
 Believe me you wouldn't want to catch it, bless her she has been so brave.

Hope you all have a great and safe evening tonight.
See you all tomorrow.

Love Em x

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