Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Halloween cupcakes

Hope you had a great evening last night, our bat girl had great fun.  The curse of the black fingernail worked, she must have past it on as her nail finally came off~ Yippee!!! She has been so brave, as it kept catching on everything but would not let me near it to help.

So we enjoyed a lovely evening down my Aunt's with my mum and my gorgeous little niece who came along dressed as a witch (so cute she's only 7 months old).  Everyone enjoyed their cakes.

Bat girl slept well, after a night out flying........

With her very serious bat pose lol!

Only 54 sleeps until Christmas ..... How exciting.  I'm afraid it's all Christmas from now on, my card sales are going through the roof and I am getting a lot of private/direct enquiries about them which is so exciting.  You'll get to realise that I could 'do' Christmas all year round, I love it.  I not actually sure who gets more excited me or the little one =D.

But them I am an 'Elf' xxx

Love Em x

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Sandra said...

Oh she is so beautiful in her witches outfit! now your not frightened are you?!! surly not..lol cakes are delicious could eat one myself right now sounds like you have a fab night nice to know you enjoy yourselves ...........scary sleeps until Christmas but exciting:) Sandra H