Sunday, 16 September 2012

I'm in baking heaven!

I have been on a diet for what feels like forever!
I have lost 3 stone altogether but I'm getting fed up with it now.  I feel as though I am missing out on everything and more importantly I'm not baking for myself, hubby or our little one.  I so miss baking I enjoy it so much but I can't bear the temptation.  So I have decided if I am to continue losing weight I have to give myself a treat at least once a week.  After all this is about changing my eating habits for life not just until I have lost all the weight.  I am going to bake once a week whatever takes my fancy and I don't care how many calories are involved (within reason haha!)
This weekend's bakes, I have cheated and baked twice =)

Peaches 'n' Cream Cupcakes, these have pieces of peaches in the cupcake they tasted amazing!
and ....
Lemon Drizzle Squares.  We need smell-o-vision for this cake ~ Yummy!
I enjoyed every mouthful ~ I did share honest.
The extension is coming along lovely now hubby is finishing off the roof now and he said that fingers crossed if all goes to plan it will be ready to move stuff into this time next week ~ Yippee!!!!
Thank you for popping along to read my blog today.
Love Em x


Sandra H said...

Oh so yummy looking your so lucky hope you enjoyed them x

Elise said...

What a yummy gorgeous blog you have here! :) I love it!