Monday, 15 November 2010

Happy Monday!!!

Good morning everyone and Welcome!

Thank you for all your lovely kind comments on my last post ~ you are all very kind.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend?  I had a great weekend - no work!!!!

I spent the weekend catching up on the housework, gardening, baking and making ~ I was in heaven!!!

Obviously housework involved washing all the uniform but it was just nice to get a bit of organisation in the house again.  Gardening ~ clearing the veg patch ready for Spring and planting out bulbs ( I know I am possibly a little late, but you know what it's like! ).  I also started some indoor bulb planters can't wait I will reveal all when the start to shoot.


Chocolate Toffee Brownies Yum! Yum!

Baking with the little one ~ Chocolate Crispie's with sprinkles of course!!

Then I actually had time to spare to make a few Christmas Tree decorations that I had in a kit from my Cross stitch mag.  I made a few changes in that I stitched the outside of the birds and filled them with toy filler instead of the suggested glued flat together.

I think I may have to practise my stitching a little ~ the blanket stitch has not turned out great, but then they are handmade dec's so I think they still look good x

I will be back during the week for some more blog challenges.

Thank you for popping by my blog today.

Love Em x


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julie said...

Mmm lovely cakes, i love your birds as well they would look great hung in a nursery too!